Hey Everyone! What is this?

Well that is a great question, let me help make it more clear. There are tons of things going in the OSS Community, whether it be frameworks, languages, tools, basically anything. The goal of Coffee and Open Source is to broadcast these entities in a handful of ways, including:

  • Interviews with notable folks in the OSS Community
  • Blog Posts centered around something fun I found in the OSS Community
  • Live Streams where I dive a bit deeper into some of the fun things I found
  • I have no idea, but probably other stuff.

Doesn’t this already exist?

Probably, does that mean I should not do it? I don’t think so, as the more the better in this space.

So you are going to be yet another live coder or live streamer?

I wouldn’t go as far to say that, as I am nowhere near the skill level to even label myself beginner. I have friends that are in this space and they are amazing at what they do. I just want to learn new things and this platform will be a way for me to do that as well as work on things that interest me.

Are you going to have a schedule?

I think any content producer needs to have scheduled content, Coffee & Open Source is the same thing. I am currently in the process of building a backlog of things to work on, as to keep myself honest, since I can be a huge procrastinator.

If you have any other questions, please shoot me a message via the Contact me page.

Take care everyone!