Glenn Block
Recorded on 10/05/2022, 11:00:00 AM

Glenn Block is a seasoned leader with 25 years+ experience in software engineering and product management. He is currently working on a stealth startup and also advising organizations on product strategy. Throughout his career, he worked at a number of hi-tech companies including Microsoft, Docusign, Auth0, and Splunk. Glenn has been a big advocate for the open source and developer community and was a maintainer for several successful open source projects. In recent years, Glenn has been very passionate about moving the ball forward for creating a more inclusive and safe environment in tech. He invests a large amount of his energy in mentoring, advising, and sponsorship especially for black women, women of color, and the LBTQ community. He has also worked in multiple organizations to change culture and policies, and has been active with multiple non-profit organizations in this space such as TechBridge Girls and Tech2Empower. Most recently, Glenn became a volunteer fellowship coding instructor at Code Nation. Glenn is a lifelong learner and recently went back to school receiving his executive MBA at Seattle University. He is also an avid rock climber and amateur astronomer. He lives with his wife and life partner in his new home in San Francisco.

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